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Betsafe Enters Esports Race, Sponsors Swedish CS:GO Team GODSENT

by Staff
Betsafe Enters Esports Race, Sponsors Swedish CS-GO Team GODSENT

Betsafe, a Betsson Group-owned brand, has signed a first-of-its-kind, three-year sponsorship agreement with Swedish esports team GODSENT. This professional team competes in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and marks the first entry for the sports betting operator in the esports betting race. Moving forward, Betsafe will be recognized as the official sports betting sponsor of GODSENT from 2020 to 2023.

What Can We Expect from the GODSENT Partnership?

The move should allow Betsafe to achieve further recognition in the competitive video gaming space, which, in the words of the Swedish Betsson Group’s head of marketing, Kim Ekelund, “has been gaining momentum.”

According to Ekelund:

“Esports has been gaining a lot of momentum in the past couple of years and the global pandemic has further cemented its place.”

The partnership was struck at a time when mainstream sports events were put on hold, with esports filling the gap in the sporting calendar.

At the time, Ekelund offered insight into why Betsson Group decided to pursue this opportunity through Betsafe:

“With all major sporting competitions being postponed during spring, more attention was directed towards esports, adding to its mainstream appeal.”

Ekelund added that Betsafe is one of Betsson Group’s most adventurous and sportive brands, which allowed it to quickly position itself in the esports arena. Both Betsafe and GODSENT are equally committed to the future of online sports.

GODSENT CEO Ludwig Sandgren welcomed the opportunity to partner with Betsafe and added that he was proud to be embarking on this partnership with the igaming operator. Betsafe is a brand that aligns well with GODSENT’s own goals, Sandgren explained, and the company will be an important driver of CS:GO in the years to come. He added that GODSENT is striving to become a tier-one organization and a recognizable name in the Counter-Strike community.

Betsafe has chosen to focus almost exclusively on CS:GO, as it is one of the most recognized igaming titles both inside and outside of Europe. The partnership between the two companies focuses on brand exposure and financial support, as well as close collaboration on things like social media that will create routes to esports fans and introduce them to betting odds and products.

Betsson Group’s foray into competitive video gaming came at a time when most of traditional sports events were put on a brief hiatus, giving it a leg-up in the arena. Betsson is also leading an expansion push in to Germany, a newly-regulated market that allows a variety of sports and igaming operations.

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