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Entain and Verizon Ready VR Product for Launch

by Staff
Entain and Verizon Ready VR Product for Launch

After confirming a foray into virtual reality (VR) technologies earlier this year, British igaming operator Entain and network operator Verizon Media are finally bringing their product to bear. Their sports betting and gaming VR solution will be accessible on the Oculus Quest 2 virtual reality headset free of charge and will allow sports fans to explore numerous sports games.

The new solution will allow players to use VR technology to enjoy what the companies describe as an immersive and engaging experience. Verizon and Entain are keen on creating a “VR sports club” that will be rolled across Entain’s international brands.

What’s the Focus of the Partnership?

As announced earlier this year, Entain is looking to create new channels of engagement for its igaming and interactive wagering brands. One way to achieve this is to seek the introduction of more VR and AG technology solutions.

As the company prepares for launch of the VR solution, Entain has detailed what fans can expect, including live streaming of football games, fantasy lineups and different sports experiences that can be shared with others, including consumers’ friends and acquaintances.

Customers will further benefit from Verizon’s involvement by gaining access to immersive experiences that include music, artists and brands, attesting to Entain’s ambitions to be a staying power in entertainment. Commenting on these developments, Entain COO Sandeep Tiku had this to say:

“We continually offer our customers a wide range of innovative and exciting experiences, and VR is an exciting opportunity for us to innovate in new ways. The aim is to mix sports, entertainment and different types of immersive play in one product, giving customers a great mix of new, exciting stuff to enjoy.”

Tiku explained that Entain is looking to create more multi-dimensional experiences which are precisely what sports fans need. Entain will put a great deal of emphasis on “WOWing” customers moving forward with the traditional interactive sports betting experience, as well as seeking to introduce brand new channels of engagement, the executive explained.

Entain has already been in the news with the company launching a Gendered Innovations training scheme to nurture equality at the workplace as the company seeks to be more socially responsible by setting a good example at home.

Entain also decided to double its funding for the SportsAid charity which it supports in a bid to ensure that it continues to give back to the community. The company also launched an interesting esports push with the acquisition of Unikrn in mid-August while posting strong revenue in its half-year financial update.

The company continues to focus exclusively on partnerships across the full spectrum on gaming experience, putting a significant emphasis on responsible gaming practices.

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